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4 December 2016 Blog

Homelessness in the D!

I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like to be completely without shelter, food, clothing, water, soap, money, etc.  Just the everyday things we as humans sometimes take for granted.  Can you imagine not being able to feed your children or family!?  It breaks my heart to see any child/ren or adult go without!  Your right, I don’t know their past! I’m just trying to figure out how I can help their future!  These winter months are the toughest! So, lets make sure we all continue to lend a helping hand where needed!  Let me take the time to drop some facts on you to spark a flame within you.


  • There are 86, 189 homeless persons in Michigan.
  • 50 percent of those homeless in Michigan are adults, and children in families.
  • More than half of the homeless persons in families are children.
  • 69 percent of homeless Michigan families are single mothers with children.
  • The average age of a homeless adult is 32.7 years old.
  • The average age of a homeless child is 7.6 years old.
  • The homeless population in Michigan  (Source: National Coalition for the Homeless) is estimated to be:
    • 42 percent African American
    • 39 percent white
    • 13 percent Hispanic
    • 4 percent Native American
    • 2 percent Asian


  • The average income of a homeless Michigan family is $730 per month.
  • 38 percent are living with an income of less than $500 per month.
  • Disabilities are a driving factor in homelessness. 19 percent of homeless adults report disability.

These are just a few facts I collected from the “Michigan’s Campaign to end homelessness”.  The Detroit Metro area alone (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Monroe counties) have just about 36,642 homeless people, including 5,536 children in families and 192 unaccompanied minors.  This area is said to have the highest homeless population in the state of Michigan.

All this being said we need to improve our city by helping our people!  We need to start at the root of things and help!  We need to start at home!  That’s the D! Detroit!  We are quick to venture off to other cities, states, and sometimes countries.  However, our hometown people are hurting!  They need us more than ever to help rescue them!  How can you call your self a true Detroiter if your living in the brubs riding through the city watching our people suffer!  Detroit stand up! There is no other place like Detroit!

Join KingMe QueenMe in helping generate a solution to permanently removing homeless off the street.  Clothing them, feeding them, providing needed resources, raising funds to put in the hands of these individuals in need!  For more information on how you can be a apart or make a donation please email: eveningteawithfran@gmail.com or kingmequeenme16@gmail.com.

Please feel free to share your thoughts as well!

Detroit Stand up! Let’s end homelessness in the D!




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