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Not My Reality!

14 December 2016 Blog

It’s frustrating to know that I’m not viewed the same as you! Yeah, you! Your human right?!  Well, I am too!  At least thats what I was taught! That I was human and I bleed just the same as you.  So, in my reality that made us both human.  Wouldn’t you agree?  The reality of me checking my Facebook time line changed my world a bit or maybe rethink me being human as you seem to be.  You see I read a meme “Google Sexy White Moms” than “Google Sexy Black Moms”.  Ok, why not?! In my reality we are sexy in our on special ways.  Thats what makes us unique as human beings! Well, at least thats what I thought, until I felt my heart do flips within my chest.  Curiosity had killed the cat!

I was that cat with the long face wondering why, what, and who could of allowed this and what part does google play in this matter.  See if you google sexy white mom’s the most wholesome mother figure appears. Even  Kim Kardashian appears under the search.  Well, it appears all is well until you take the time to google “sexy black mom’s”.  I can’t begin to explain the hurt, the anger, the confusion, the shock, just the trillion emotions that ran through me.  I needed something to extinguish the fire that had just been lit within my human vessel.  The vessel I carry around daily feeling and smiling just like any woman.  The vessel I uphold with the highest of standards and firm qualities!  A driven human vessel to treat every living being with the upmost love, affection, and respect!

Did Google find it necessary to cateroigize this group of women vessels?  How could they allow such disrespect to be loaded within an search engine?  How could color and sex put me or any woman in an unrecognizable light?  A light I have never been familiar with in my days as a human upon this earth!  I am outraged and so, should every woman be!  Is this what my daughter has to look forward to if she becomes a mother?  What do I do as both a mother and woman to end such foolishness and stereotype against the color and sex of humans similar to me?  Why can’t we just be recognized as all sexy, powerful, successful, hard working women?  After all we are all human, right?  At least in my reality I thought we were.

Dear Google,

what you display, IS NOT MY REALITY!!!!  Your reality of a sexy black mom, is not my reality!

I am a sexy black mother! Just not Google’s version!!




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