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Bikes, Babes & Booze – Studio 1

Hosted by Jim Schulz & Scott Smith

Jim Schulz & Scott Smith share a passion, a passion for motorcycles, ATV’s, and generally anything that goes fast and looks cool!!! Friends for almost 40 years they have amassed a wealth of knowledge, a network of people in and around the motorcycle industry, and a lot of great stories! Admittedly, we are not experts, we just love bikes as well as babes and booze!!! As mentioned, we do have an incredible number of people in the industry whose brains are usually available for the picking, and we will do so if it comes to any of your questions that prove to be out of our field of expertise. We will happily respond to any e-mail questions you may have!! With hot bikes come hot babes, you gotta love it! We are definitely NOT experts when it comes to the babes, so you can figure them out on your own!!! Booze is probably the one item you shouldn’t mix with either of the aforementioned subjects, though if you need to know what wine you should decant with dinner whilst changing your bikes oil in the garage, Jim Schulz is our Certified Sommelier, pose any and all alcohol related queries to him! Overall, we want to share any information we receive in regards to new bikes, products, rallys, shows, swap meets etc. Hopefully we will be sharing a lot of great information and a lot of laughs with our listening audience!!!!


smithScott Smith-
Independent owner/operator of Chippewa Trucking Inc. of Redford, Michigan working in the recycling industry
Former full time motorcycle technician
Life long passion for anything that goes fast and looks cool
Proud owner of a 1971 Harley Davidson FL






schulzJim Schulz-
Certified Sommelier working in the fine dining restaurant industry Life long love of motorcycles, ATV’s and anything that’ll blow your hair back

Proud owner of: 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo, 2002 Yamaha Banshee & 1972 Honda ATC90














  1. Ron "Smash" Keesler   On   August 13, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    It was great having you gentle men at our Jacobetti event again this year you guys are a great bunch and really enjoyed having you there and hope you can make it to all our future runs and can’t wait to see a picture of the bike finished. Take care and keep the rubber side down.

    • Jim Schulz   On   December 6, 2017 at 8:57 am

      We had a blast with all of you too!!! The bike is near completion and we’re excited to get the finished product back up to you!!! Looking forward to riding with you guys again!!!

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