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The Nick & J Show

Hosted by Nick Malamis & J from Ded By Dezine

Prepare yourself for shenanigans and tomfoolery

Meet the Hosts: 

Nick-Malamis250Nick Malamis, Choctaw for “Keeper of the Hair”

Nick was conceived after an Isley Brothers concert, which turned out to be a good ticket purchase for Nick’s Dad. Nick spent his first 18 years being disappointed by his family, himself, and life in general. The good news is, through his high school years, Nick was very popular with his female classmates. No he wasn’t.

After he graduated high school (although the Livonia Churchill records still recognize his case as a ‘Dishonorable Discharge’), he was eyed by a recruiter for the human arm of “The Unicorn School For Female Pleasure Givers”. He studied the dark arts for one semester until a “Disturbance In His Pants” urged him to leave the academy early, insisting to his Unicorn instructor that he would return to finish his training. According to his wife, he has “Very clearly never fulfilled THAT promise.”

Following a brief stint as a 900 number sex line commercial director and artistic consultant, he met his wife, settled down, and had two amazing children.

These days Nick spends his time inviting alcoholism to family functions, masturbating furiously, and wishing he was George Clooney’s penis.


J from Ded By Dezine

J250J’s story hasn’t been by the book from the get-go. Conceived by accident by a teenage girl & a “spermdonor” who wanted no part. Facing adoption in California before he was born, the woman who would have been his aunt, decided to leave an abusive relationship and raise him as her own back in Michigan. It was at age 5, on the day he & his mother moved to Inkster, that he learned about hard knocks when a group of older kids beat him up for not liking the way he looked at them thus preparing him for what life would throw later.

Though many other altercations followed- J was fortunate to grow up in a family that traveled a lot. By the time he was 16, he had visited almost every state in the USA. All of those family vacations gave him the perspective that the world was filled with many different, yet ultimately similar, people & this made him want to learn as much as he could about it. This further fueled his capacity to question everything, including his education, thus leading him to drop out of school to work full time to help ease the burden on his single mother.

Years later, at the age of 26, having been married and already divorced, J experienced a life changing accident that left him unable to work. It was at this time, needing to find a different way to make money, that he got into singing competitions after being told by friends that is was something he should pursue. This landed J in his first band, Jesse James & The Hired Guns. J instantly fell in love with the band lifestyle & performing in public, which led to an appearance on Channel 4’s 2006 Supersinger Fireworks show (which he did to get his family to quit bugging him about American idol). Around this time J started DJ’ing and formed Ded By Dezine so that he could be surrounded 24/7 by the music he loved.

Fast forward 7 years to the present & J has the best bandmates he could ask for, a locally well received new album, music on mainstream radio, as well as on a few local internet stations, an opportunity to share these life experiences with the Cave Radio listeners, and an incredible sense of gratitude for his mother and everyone else who helped him live this life.