Ciff Ashley aka The Pied Piper i'm in my early 40's a father of 3. I am the mastermind behind the show. My thoughts and my comments are sure to draw you in and keep you listening. My words are my song so listen to The Pied Piper Diddleee Didddleee Diddddleee Deeeee!!!





Rochelle Darlene aka PussNBoots mother of 3 native Detroiter. I'm funny, feisty, and very blunt and outspoken.Yet i bring femininity to the show. My banter between the guys and their listening audience will have you clutching your pearls.





Ed Talley aka The Sniper mid 40's father of 3. I own my own business. I have a whole life of jokes and comments. Those jokes and comments are based off all the bad decisions I've made and the shame and embarrassment that came from them.

On The Air Wit It