I am the writer and creator of the hit stage production, Stiletto Monologues.  I brand just about all my entertainment endeavors with “stiletto” because to me the essence of a stiletto is sexy, confident and playful, but can also exude a certain aura of mystery.  Stiletto is a state of mind and as the host of Stilettos After Dark, I come with all these qualities to bring you a “no holds barred” show, where our listeners can escape the ordinary. When I slip into my stilettos, I get shit done! 
Rene Ingram-Dunham AKA…The Stiletto Boss



Crazy sexy cool. If you were to form a woman from those words that would be me Jalah aka Mcloviin.  I am a Professional Dancer/Actress with a good head on my shoulders.  Don't let the Crazy line fool you I can be very sweet and conservative. I can be the life of the party and your greatest fantasy. I can be your BESTFRIEND or your worst enemy. What I am is an Ambitious Detroit young women who keeps it all the real, I don't think it can get any better than that...Co-host of Stilettos After Dark.





Tamara Dew AKA The Queen of Wonderland. I love all things fabulously magical: love, music, laughter, life...ME! ❤️ I truly enjoy life and it seems that I’ve been reborn since joining the 40-FOINE Club! My passions consist of immersing myself in my artistic cultural tribe, while working as the personal assistant to Soul Singer, Darnell Kendricks of the Smooth Soul Café and Poet/Activist, I’ve been able to create unbelievable opportunities and memories! I’m also the Production Manager for Jessica Care moore’s Black WOMEN Rock! where I was fortunate to drop it like it’s hot with Funk Legend Nona Hendryx! I can now add actress to my repertoire, as I’ve starred in Rene-Ingram Dunham’s hit stage productions, Stiletto Monologues...which has now brought me to you, the podcast world, via Stilettos After Dark!!



Stilettos After Dark