Slade aka The Urban Experience “Wild Card”-

“I’m The Wild Card because you never know what bag I’m going to come from… It can be from Extremely Ridiculous to Extremely Real. That also shows in my musical taste, I can go from Turning Up A Party to Turning Down The Lights in a Bedroom… However, that’s why I think my #TUE fam chose me to be on the show… All I know is when I walk into that studio I want to have a good time and give the listeners a great show!”






The Urban Experience is my dream come true. I have wanted to be in radio for as long as I remember, from the days when my dad put me on punishment for listening to hip hop until all times of night right down to the moment my good friend Frank Earve said we are about to do radio. Music gives me a high like nothing else. Music is the first sip of coffee in the morning - DJ





Five years ago, a Detroit native radio personality was born!! A Neo-Soul swag, a laid back conversation, with an Old School battle style!! Music is LIFE! It's tells a story.... It's Soulful.... It's generational... It's artistic... It's why my heart has a BEAT... My life's journey would be incomplete without MUSIC...



The Urban Experience