Freedom Worx – Studio 1

Hosted By Tony Schwartz

Freedom Worx is an interactive internet radio show hosted by Tony Schwartz every Tuesday 6-8p. Call in and talk with us about your favorite guns, reviews, local crime , big brother, headline news and our rights. You can reach them by calling 313-879-5059, during the live show, Tuesdays 6-8, or through any of their social media outlets.

Tony Schwartz: Born and raised in Northwest Detroit’s Brightmoor community then moved to Redford for his teenage years. He has seen our city firsthand. His knowledge pushed him into music with Detroit’s underground Rap scene. Then, raising a family and being a journeyman Toolmaker offered tangible success…Radio has always been his wish , and that opportunity is here. “I’m very fortunate to be joining CaveRadio”