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Cruisin’ The Barrio – Studio 1

Hosted By: Rudy, Carlito, Huck & Manny Fresh

Cruisin the Barrio with Rudy, Carlito, Huck & Manny Fresh . A full mixture of Oldies, Old School, Lowrider Neighborhood Jams, request and dedication show. A show inspired by radio Great’s Art Laboe & Electrifying Mojo & their classic radio shows. Much like in the realm of Laboe & Mojo, Cruisin brings a mixture of many different musical genres with absolutely NO PLAY LIST!!! Everything from Classic Chicano Soul, Funk, Rock, Country and so much more…

Rules for listening to Cruisin:

1.Put the kiddies to bed (this is grown folks radio).

2. Kick back with your significant other or just your old homies.

3. Get you your favorite “Get Ride” (i.e. favorite spirit’s or smoke.. no judges here on this ride)

4. Turn up the speakers, close your eyes and enjoy the memories and the ride while Cruisin the Barrio with Rudy, Carlito, Huck & Manny.




  1. Dena   On   February 12, 2018 at 12:08 am

    You got the mountain hippie of Vickie Sanders will you play for me sitting on the dock of the bay and thanks to Vickie Sanders for being my best friend forever hope to see y’all when the snow melts lol GREAT MUSIC and y’all are a joy peace out from the old Hippie

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