Hangin’ With PBK – Studio 1

Hosted By PBK, Pretty Boy Steve, Jacky Joker & Dr. Jay

After four long years Dan Mayer owner of Cave Radio figured it was time to bring back a filmiar voice to the airwaves of Cave Radio. After dealing with tons of his crazy nonsense back in 2016. Dan grabbed his gear and started heading to the depths of the Cave Radio studios to realease a certain someone that use to take over the airwaves back in those days. Finally reaching the bottom pit of the Cave Radio studios, Dan sees PBK, and decided it was time to release him and send him out in the wild and see what he crazy nonsense he has in store for Cave Radio listeners this time around. This time PBK has put together a trio of misfits that share the same chemistry as him. 

Their names are Pretty Boy Steve, Jacky Joker, and Dr. Jay. They have came to help PBK give you good laughs as you tune in to all the nonsense they have in store every week. 

So tune in every Friday 8pm to 10pm and see what is in store for your listening pleasure.



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