The Rebel Rooster’s Irish Music Show – Studio 1

Hosted By Johnny Costello

Johnny Costello was born in Weymouth, MA (14 miles south of Boston) During the day, he delivers the Nation’s mail for the United States Postal Service for last 20 + years.
Johnny raised a son who is a United States Marine now living in California.
Johnny also has two daughters , better known as; “The Lovelies”, Eileen and Annie aka Cakes and Pie!
The Rebel Rooster’s Irish Music Show will highlight the young men and women who fought and died for the cause of Irish freedom. Songs of defiance, oppression, internment, the fight for freedom , songs that aren’t played on the radio in Ireland .
Johnny brings with him 5 years of on-air experience and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon .
His new show will be edgy , educational , eyebrow raising and real .


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